Nekomata Picture

MOAR mythical Asian aminals!

According to Japanese mythology, if a cat lived to be very, very, old, they would first turn into a Bakeneko, a demonic, feline creature. When they become really powerful, their tails bifurcate, and the Bakeneko becomes a Nekomata ('forked cat' ). One of many multi-tailed Japanese animal spirits.

Nekomata walk upright and are able to create fires, an ability they use to set houses on fire, among other destructive acts.

To prevent a cat from ever becoming a Nekomata, their tails were bobbed, because if their tails couldn't fork, they couldn't transform.

In Japan, selective breeding for bobbed tails has resulted in the breed Japanes Bobtail.

The kanji reads "mi-ke neko" or calico cat, because I couldn't find the kanji for "nekomata" or "forked".
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