Dream And Evelyn Picture

Introducing Dream's new pet! This is Evelyn, she's a Quetzalcoatl.

There have been mythical references all throughout MLP:FiM. (Duh, Unicorns, Pegasi) but I mean even deeper like Cerberus, Cockatrices and so on. I have always loved the Aztec mythological creature the Quetzalcoatl, a god who took the form of a vibrant, winged serpent, it's name translating to "Winged Serpent" exactly.

This is my MLP:FiM adaptation of this creature, this one here is a youngling, and has four wings on it's body, since I imagine it would just be easier for it to fly with four wings with such a long body. Given the whole anti-meat policy of My Little Pony I have concluded that this little girl will feed solely on eggs~ and given she lives off of regular ol' chicken eggs, she wont grow to be any bigger. If she were given bigger eggs, she would experience great growth spurts.

Dream, given that Evelyn is such a naturally lazy natured reptile, hides her lunch of eggs all around the house, making it a nice excercise and game for Evelyn to find her food. Beware of treading on eggs when visiting Dream.

Evelyn is a very food-orientated animal, she just loves to eat and cuddle.

Dream Dust and Evelyn both belong to me~
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