The Hippocamp Part 1- ACEO Picture

This is the "Hippocamp" series, all done with a mix of Copic and Prismacolor markers. I couldn't resist the idea of showing off the markings and fin shapes of actual fish, but in the form of a mythological creature, (the exception being the top upper right... it started out being a Blue Discus, and then I couldn't decide on the "mane" fin or markings XD). It was quite the learning experience, especially since marker is not normally something I work in for final pieces, and it has been a long time since I've worked in such a small area. But I think it was well worth it, if nothing else it was good practice and pushed a few ideas that I've had for a while out of my head ^^

Fish I based these after from left to right: Blenny, Blue Ram, Oarfish, and... almost a Blue Discus...

Some of the originals are for sale/auction right now!
Blenny: [link]
Blue Ram: [link]
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