Orcus Deus Picture

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Somewhere in the vast cosmos zips at great speeds a giant gaseous planet twice the size of Jupiter.

A species of majestic whale-like creatures navigates the powerful winds of the planet's dense atmosphere, slowly ingesting clouds of minuscule prey. It is a calm, slumbering life where time creeps at a slow pace amidst gigantic expanses of sky.

Bigger than four earth-bound blue whales, these alien animals have developed enormous brains of tremendous capacity. To keep from total boredom, the brains generate intricate and epic daydreams that go on on for centuries as the creatures live out their great life-spans.

We and all that surrounds us exist in the dreams of one of these grand beasts.

The Orcus Deus, the God Whale.

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A little contribution to human history of god/creation mythology.

Wanted to whip up something fast and simple...
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