Card Deck - Dragon Picture

Part of three card deck designs I did for my class, "Monster". We had to come up with something that interprets the concept of beauty and repulsion.

I based mine on how the east and west view certain animals or mythological creatures in completely opposite ways.

The bat, the pig, and the dragon are examples that are often viewed as negative in western european culture but positive in asian cultures (besides for the dragon, I mostly base that off what I know of chinese culture, I'm not completely sure about other asian countries lol *shot* )

Here's the dragon as the King of Spades.
Though not ALWAYS true in this day and age, more often than not, western european cultures have had a history of picturing dragons as powerful, threatening, and destructive creatures that sometimes need to be slayed. In many eastern cultures though, dragons are auspicious, viewed as almost godly, and often used to represent imperial power.

Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS
Image was printed on glossy paper and cut out to look like real 2.5 x 5 playing cards.
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