Painted Hell Hound 1 Picture

The original Hell Hound I sculpted finally painted.

For this particular "breed" of hell hound I wanted to portray various creatures integrated with the basic vision of a hell hound. I wanted it to be more swamp-like. I know hell hounds are obviously supposed to be from hell, and therefore usually fire-like in nature, or dark creatures in mythology. In this however, I wanted to play up the idea that hell or wherever you want to envision these monsters crawling out from, could be any type of horrific environment - like a deep, disgusting swampland. What would a hell hound look like if it's environment wasn't fire and brimstone?

That was the idea that sparked the inspiration for this; that, and I am a big fan of the hell hound mythology, idea, or horror stories - whatever you want to call it.

The hound was sculpted completely in Chavant Soft clay, sprayed with Crystal Clear, and then airbrushed and hand painted with acrylics.

Hope you enjoy it! It's my first finished creature of my own design.
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