Ahuizotl Picture

Hi people, here you have a new mythological monster for my Bestiary, this time is a mexican one

Here you have the Ahuizotl, an aztec water monster who served the gods in their search for souls.

The name Ahuizotl come from the aztec, and means "Water Thorn", as when the Ahuizotle came out of water and his fur dried, it became sharp spines.

It had a coyote head and body, but with monkey hands and a long tail with a hand

Here is a little description extracted from the Florentine Codex:

"...very like the teui, the small teui dog; small and smooth, shiny. It has small, pointed ears, just like a small dog. It is black, like rubber; smooth, slippery, very smooth, longtailed. And its tail is provided with a hand at the end; just like a human hand is the point of its tail. And its hands are like a raccoon's hands or like a monkey's hands. It lives, it is a dweller in watery caverns, in watery depths. And if anyone arrives there at its entrance, or there in the water where it is, it then grabs him there. It is said that it sinks him, it plunges him into the water; it carries him to its home, it introduces him to the depths; so its tail goes holding him, so it goes seizing him ... When the body is retrieved, the one it has drowned no longer has his eyes, his teeth, and his nails; it has taken them all from him. But his body is completely unblemished, his skin uninjured. Only his body comes out all slippery-wet; as if one had pounded it with a stone; as if it had inflicted small bruises ... When it was annoyed - had caught no one, had drowned none of us commoners - then was heard as if a small child wept. And he who heard it thought perhaps a child wept, perhaps a baby, perhaps an abandoned one. Moved by this, he went there to look for it. So there he fell into the hands of the auítzotl, there it drowned him..."


The ahuizotl its a very interesting creature, it is said that, when he drowned someone, it was because de gods where interested in that person's soul, so, when the bodies where found, only priests could touch them.

I wanted to keep the idea as much close to the original glyphs depicting the beast, but as far to keep the Aztec theme, I gave him a head that looked like an Aztec mask or statue, and I have him some Aztec jewelry

well, hope you like it
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