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The Bakunawa

Quoted from Wikipedia:

The Bakunawa, Bakonawa, Baconaua, or Bakonaua (from Hiligaynon mythology) is one of the seven mythical dragons of the Philippines. The others are the Bawa(Hiligaynon mythology), Buwaya/Nono(Tagalog mythology), Marcupo or Macupo(Hiligaynon mythology), Mameleu, Mamelen or nanreben(Hiligaynon mythology), Mikonawa, Mikunawa, or Minukawa(Bagobo mythology), and the Bauta(Hiligaynon mythology). The Bakunawa is said to be a giant sea creature with a mouth the size of a lake, a red tongue, whiskers, gills, small wires at it's sides, and two sets of wings. One of which being large ash-gray wings and the other are just smaller wings found further down it's body. It stays at the depths of the Ocean and is believed to be the cause of eclipses. It does this by swallowing the moon and/or sun. It is induced to release its prey(usually the sun or moon) by being intimidated by noises from the earth. Bakunawa is the Filipino word for "dragon" and "eclipse".

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