The war Picture


Herodia, the goddess of war in my world's mythology... And her chariot.
And so.... the horses:

Death Śmierć, represented by one of nameless yet creatures living in the Underworld. They're used to be imagined as fleabitten grey, skinny horse-like things with no eyes and 'dragon' jaws. It's believed that their squeal tears the soul out of the body. When no shouting, they remain completely silent. If they appear in someone's dreams, it means that he is probably going to pass away soon. Something like banshee...

Glory Chwała, a magnificent black stallion in golden tack, the official steed of Herodia (As every god "has their own pet" there). He comes from the Crystal Castle -'heaven'-.... He leads the chariot. Nasty, deluding thing, makes people die in infinite amounts.

Fire Pożoga. Made in the Mill -'hell'- demon of hate and destruction. Flaming horse skeleton, often shown also as blood bay steed... Difficult to control, definetely the most powerful among these three.

'Creative', 'original'... and I've probably copycated something... hard. But fuk :I Whole Giluda is one big plagiarism of everything I had contact with. I don't care c: Sorry for spamming.
Tłumaczenie rzeczy, których nie wiadomo jak przetłumaczyć jest.... fajne
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