RD - Easter Trulli Picture

"Virvon varvon
tuoreeks terveeks
tulevaks vuodeks.
Vitsa sulle,
palkka mulle."

("I'll virpoa varpoa for fresh, healthy year. Vitsa for you, payment for me")

Hey everyone! It's palm Sunday and BtG is here to teach you how we celebrate Easter in Finland today!

First, let me start by telling you that Easter Bunny is not a big deal here. Well, bunnies ARE part of Easter but we don't have THE Easter bunny who hides eggs. No, instead we have Easter witches! Also known as trullis! [link] (comes from Swedish "troll" word that means... well, a troll but also a witch)

In Finnish mythology, trullis were originally malevolent creatures, especially towards cattle and home animals. But these days, there is a custom for children to dress up as them and get some Easter treats. This custom is a mix of Finnish mythology and Christianity. Before Palm Sunday, we collect willow twigs with catkins in them. Then kids decorate them with colorful feathers and other decorations. This decorated twig is called "a vitsa". Kids make multiple of these vitsas and on palm Sunday, they dress up as trullis and go from house to house, singing a little song (the one I wrote there) wishing for good will. They shake their vitsas while singing. This is called "virpoa". This also symbolizes the palm leaves that people waved for Jesus. If people give them a payment (chocolate eggs/candy) they give one vitsa in exchange for good luck.

Sounds familiar? Yes! But remember, Halloween was never a traditional Finnish holiday. It only came here about... 7-10 years ago when American culture really started to spread around here. Heh! I'm happy I finally managed to do this in time! I've always wanted to tell you about Finnish Easter. I have one question for you though... The Easter Eggs that Bunny hides for you... Are they chocolate eggs? Or plastic containers that have candy inside them? I just wonder because I always see people looking for them outside. Is there a risk of them getting dirty?

Edit: thanks for the answers! But oh! What about you my Swedish and other Nordic and European friends? How do YOU celebrate Easter? I have always been curious if this "virpomis" business is only something we Fins do.
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