Lord of the Seas Picture

Colored version of [link]

The dragon turtle (龍龜) is one of my favorite creatures from Chinese art and mythology. He is the combination of two of the four celestial animals and represents longevity, as well as courage, power, fertility, and success. I first learned about him through my boyfriend who sent me pictures of the art in Wong Tai Sin temple (黃大仙祠) this summer, and the dragon turtle really stood out to me among the different creatures portrayed.

The size I drew him is about as large as the original sculptures which inspired him, relative to the turtles which are seen hitching a ride both in art and in real life, when the temple "turtle gods" rest on the statues which are often placed near water. For a specific reference, I used the Hong Kong 20 dollar bill ([link]) which my boyfriend conveniently had in his wallet.
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