Kurosia : Gatherer of Souls Picture

The Kurosians have many gods, many deities. Each play a role in their society, and religion. Some aren't even dragons, but instead, beings of Darkness. One such being, is Bhailiu; The Kurosian Grim Reaper.

Bhailiu is said to be an owl gryphon with jet black feathers and bright golden eyes. It's size is massive, one of the larger deities, yet it is one of the most beloved among the Kurosian people. When summoned by the Kuros in a special ceremony, Bhailiu flies out from the Veil of Darkness that guards the city and soars over Kurosia. Lost spirits find comfort and safety beneath the creature's underbelly and wings, and when it has collected all the spirits, it flies back into the Veil.

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This was an answer for another ask, but I felt it was the perfect excuse to draw out more original ideas I've had about the Kuros and their mythology. Their gods are, by no means, really fit to be canon in either Legend of Spyro or Skylanders, but I have more fun making them far more serious and complex.

Bhailiu means "Gather" in Irish, and was inspired by the gryphon from "Brothers". I'm on a huge gryphon kick, oh god xD

~Weird Hyenas

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