Stork Harpy Picture

This is a harpy!
Harpies are generally depicted as ugly, woman-faced birds.
I wanted to do something... Different.
This guy, yes, a guy, is a stork-shaped harpy with a man's face. Usually harpies tend to be birds of prey, but I thought it'd be interesting to make a bit different harpy... So, when I was looking through my bird books, I really liked these two storks in the cover of one of our books, and decided to draw that kind of stork harpy.
I looked at the cover for the reference of his pose 'cause I can't really draw storks by memory.

The stork harpy guy's name is Kleitos and he has problems. He's timid and shy and nobody seems to take him seriously because he looks funny. He's carnivorous but usually fails at hunting because his prey rather finds him amusing and laughs than is scared, and then poor Kleitos gets confused and doesn't dare to attack anymore.
He's really clumsy with his long legs and neck and is he's walking on the ground he falls over constantly. At least he's SOMEWHAT graceful in the air.
Most creatures and humans think he's just pathetic.

Harpies originate from Greek mythology.
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