Arcesso Adoptable #12 (Auction/CLOSED) Picture

Presenting Angel/Fairy Version of Arcessō seies that I made

Summon Series: Spiritual Creature/monster based on various mythology used for summoning purposes. They usually offer their help to human in exchange of the human's soul or blood. However, For the rare creature , human itself have to fight against them to ensure if the new upcoming master are worthy enough to use the them. While they resembles the look of the myth they based of, what distinguish them from the others is that they have marking on their chest, usually consist of tribal tattoo with gem on it. The larger the tattoo or the more precious the gem attach to it, the more rare it gets.
Arcesso SeriesArcessō- summon. Mini adopt series that will be doing for now. i think LEL
Still thinking whether it's gonna be fully open species/series or not. but yeah this would be an idea for how the summon species work.
Summon Species are basically the same as usually monster/
creatures are being summon in rpg world (example you can always check persona and final fantasy and like that fate/stay night summon list yeeee--)
They are based on various version of fable/mythology
They have something in common, that is the marking on their chest, usually consist if tribal tattoo with gem marking on it.
They are usually half human and half of their based myth. (but usually 80% of their body are based on their myth)They don't have human form , meaning they are invisible to human's naked eyes unless the person who summoning them or people who has ability to see themThey usually wield elemental ability on them.They probably have their original form-- maybe ROFLThey are usually in from of sta

Info bout Slyph
1) He's mythological spirit of the air that's mean He can float-- DED
2) He has huge scar on his body along with bazillion scars which looked like plated on it.
3) His tattoo is on the back of his right palm.

Info About Amaterasu
1) She's goddess of the sun.
2) Pretty much thats it LOL

#1 Slyph
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