The Ocean Hunterish Picture

I remember playing this game at a local arcade called The Ocean Hunter. Now it seems to be extremely rare, like some freak or something. But I think it was an awesome game, it was sort of the trigger happy game, but still quite a challenge and with just the right intensity. You just swam around the seven seas shooting at marine life because they were on your way, only to get to the most awesome and magestic life forms, the sea monsters, and kill them too. Very educative. Until then I've had some hard times thinking about different underwater areas, I thought all oceas always looked the same, but each level from that game had a its very own feel as well as the creatures that lived there. So this page is mostly of remakes of the bosses that game had.

934) Pompilius: The game didn't had any human made enemies at least till where I got, and I think i made it to the final boss. But as my pages have 9 monsters each, and there are only 7 seas, I thought that was a decent way to fill it up.
This thing would be some mechanical steampunk, fake Nautilus sort of ship boss.

935) Lusca: This was going to be a kraken, but if I'm not wrong that is already the name of one of my creatures, more precisely on a kraken themed page -_- But anyway, there was this monster called Kraken in ocean hunter, a giant octopus, so this is my equivalent.

936) Tiamat: The original's name was leviathan, a carcharodon, but that name is also reserved. That was also cool about that game, it had the scientific name of each boss. And no, there is little written around to relate Tiamat to any polycephalic dragon that doesn't have anything to do with dungeons and dragons.

937) Assisted shark: The only thing that could make sharks deadlier would be to be able to move on land... and having steel claws. That would be cool, still I think that because of its size it wouldn't be a final boss, but a mini-boss or just an exotic enemy.

938) Ahuizotl: (reptilian tall thing midle-right) The creature from ocean hunter with this name was quite different, it was an elasmosaurus and not a crocodile... spinosaurus thingy. This creature should be able to fight inside and outside the water in some kind of Amazon River giant lake.

939) Charybdis: Now here is were I get confused with the names of the monsters, I think that the giant sea worm that swallows the players was Jörmungandr since it was the only and last massive serpentine creature, but then I have this other name Charybdis that was like some sort of whirlpool godess in the shape of a giant mouth that swallows water that makes about as much sence... but that name doesn't feet at all the description of the next monster. My answer: 5(23vv this.

940) Nethuns: I had to make another name... and by "make" I mean "look up at wikipedia". I think the final boss of the game looked something like this. It had like different fighing styles 'n stuff. If you think about it this kind of creatures are quite unlikely using just regular evolution, maybe thats why they don't exist. Its a pitty.

941) Rahab: Bla bla bla with the abyss, the water-dragon of darkness and chaos says wikipedia, so this has to be that ... wait, Rahab was the final stage instead? ho, so Charybdis was the giant anglerfish, and Jörmungandr must have been the giant worm ... mhe, I like my namings the best now. In my Ocean Hunter Rahab would be the deep see creature, do you get it?
primordial abyss + darkness + water dragon = Giant anglerfish.
primordial abyss + darkness + water dragon ≠ Giant greek guy with trident.

942) Karkinos: Now this one is a little bit more clear. Karkinos is the giant crab, in fact the original karkinos from mythology was just the little pathetic crab that tried to bite Heracles' heel and was crushed under it, making for the first and gratest FAIL in the history of mythology. And dont get me wrong, I love crustaceans, te one from this game was a perfect example of crustacean win, a massive, badass crab with giant claws and covered in spikes that lived in the artic.
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