Men in Suits Picture

How about some modern mythological creatures in suits?

On the left a Man in Black (No, not the movie). They come from America, and show up at people’s houses late at night if the people have seen a UFO. They are said to dress only in black and the first few times they were seen they had dark skin.
They generally act very threatening and warn the witnesses that they should keep quiet about what they have seen. It is often said that they are confused by normal everyday items like pens and forks, suggesting they’re not of this world.

On the right is a so called Strange Man in a Suit. They are only ever seen on a certain beach in Denmark.
They are usually seen in the morning, look perfectly normal, speak perfect Danish and are very polite and friendly, but a few things reveal them to be otherworldly.
They always wear perfectly clean suites, despite the fact that the place where they appear is very dusty. And apparently they can only be seen if you stand within a certain distance from them. A person can be looking at something else, then when they turn around the man is suddenly there. They always seem delighted to meet a human and ask weird questions. The most popular seem to be, “Is this Denmark?” “Are you ruled by a king, a queen or something else?” and have a tendency to refer to children as “young” as in animal babies. When the person gets tired of this and makes and excuse to leave, the man politely steps out of the way and let them go.
In other words, they act like otherworldly tourists.
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