Drop Bear Picture

Drop bear - one of Australia's top ten mythological creatures.

The best description of a drop bear is to liken them to giant carnivorous koalas. They are said to live in the tops of eucalyptus and gum trees and hunt by dropping from trees onto the heads of their victims, knocking them unconscious, and then devouring them. They are equipped with sharp teeth and razor-like claws. It is said that they prefer to hunt at night and are not afraid of attacking creatures that are much larger than them. In all likeliness, they are fake creatures that were invented with the sole purpose of scaring tourists and outsiders. Children are frequently told stories of the deadly koala cousins and how they should avoid them. There are some utterly absurd methods of deterring them, like spreading toothpaste or vegemite behind your ears and your neck. Although the best method of protecting oneself from a drop bear attack is to hold a screwdriver above one’s head. If a drop bear attacks, it will accidentally impale itself on the tool. Campers beware! The drop bears are out to get you!

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