Capricornus the Hippocamp Picture

Capricornus is based off of the mythology of the sea-goat, which those into astrology may know as Capricorn. (Happy Capricorn, by the way!) Even though he loves to show off his brilliant colors, he is quite the ambitious, hard working Hippocamp, and therefore is a great addition to any working sea-farm!

In some imagery, Poseidon drives a sea-chariot is drawn by hippocampi, and often in art they're covered in green scales. While I was showing some of my other hippocampi, I had a ton of comments on how much they look like Capricorn. It's not a far stretch, in my opinion! There are many more fish-tailed creatures throughout mythology including leokampos (fish-tailed lion) and aigikampos (fish-tailed goat), so I decided to make my very own Capricornus. He has the greens and earthy colors of the hippocamp, but with a flash of a blue. In the King scale Capricorn is represented by indigo, and the other scales have tons of blacks/blue-black, hence that vivid blue flash on his fins accented with black. (Looking back, it could be closer to indigo, although I quite like this hue of blue on him :3)


From sculpting, to casting, to hand painting, Capricornus was made by my hand and is truly a one-of-a-kind sculpture with much love poured into his making. He's cast in resin and painted in pastel and acrylic. His sculpting is unique from my other Hippocampi in that his horns, hooves, and beard were all made to give him a more "goaty" look.

Figurine Info:
*Scale/Size: 3" tall x 5.5" long
*Sculpted in Sculpey, cast in a sturdy urethane resin.
*Painted in the Autumn of 2014.
*All sculpting, casting, and special (hand painted) releases are done in the US, by the artist.
*Edition: This is a one of a kind, hand painted cast. He does come with a signed COA. The number of Hippocamp which will be cast is currently undetermined.
*Customs and blank casts are also available. More info on the Hippocamp is located in my main online shop:…

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