+Smoke on the Water+ Picture

Here are the #2 and #4 Year 10 males at Megiddo: Pitch Fiveash (left) and Shtriga Upchurch (right). Pitch is from a race called Enenra, based off the Japanese mythological creature who is composed of smoke. He's sly & quick and uses his ability to confuse his opponents and pummel them from their blindspots. Shtriga is a witch, much like Royal, however, as all witches are prone to be fire/wind users from birth, he was never able to use fire, but has achieved an even greater and rarer ability of ice manipulation. He is indeed an intelligent battler, but ranks second for Year 10, just under Hao.

Year 10 Male Ranking:
1. Hao Canthropy
2. Shtriga Upchurch
4. Picth Fiveash

Pitch Fiveash/Shtriga Upchurch(c)Sam Wells
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