Mythological adoptables Picture

Sorry isn't any color swatches. I want to earn some points to buy something and seeing as Commissions are really slow I decided to post up some cheap adoptables for you guys.

The griffins (1-3) Are 5 points each the Unicorns (4-6) are 3 points each. DO NOT send points until after I say that the adoptable is yours.

One per customer Unless you give me a good reason to have more than one. It will still be full price for both creatures.

First come first serve.

Be fair, don't take more than one if you've already previously adopted one at an earlier time

If you don't get the one you want don't flame me or the person who received the adoptable. If you show politeness and that you understand I will make you a custom adoptable at half the price posted in my donation poll.

Fill out the form below and if approved then send in the points, no image required but please send me a link the first time you draw them.

Name and nicknames:
Reason of adoption:
Backstory: (Just a short description of their life or other interesting things you feel needs to be known)

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