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These creatures are known as Universe Creatures. There are a lot more of them and they are base on almost every mythology creatures. Long ago, Universe Creature did appear in different countries, creating stories from almost every cultures. However, one day, they all disappeared. They did said they will return when good and evil are face off once more and will come back to Earth again...

Now, these guys won't appear until I get this one, Universe Creatures Vol. 2: Creature World [link] They are the few creatures that will help the heroes to get back home to their world.

[On the first row-top left]
Drillla the Driller Dog (Originally call Drilla the Mole-Dog)
Age: 16-18
Ht: 2'9"
Species Base On: Mix Breed Dog (Pit bull & Lab.)
Gender: Female
Personalities: Sweet, loyal, caring, positive, daring & go crazy over romantic stuffs
Alignment: Good/Heroine
Owner/Partisan: Ginny (Vol. 2)
Color of the Jewel: Grey/Silver
Element: Earth (Mainly) [link] & Steel/Metal [link]

[On the first row-top right]
Marino the Fresh Water Crocodile
Age: 18-19
Ht: 3'1"
Species Base On: Fresh Water Crocodile (From Jamaica)
Gender: Male
Personalities: Humor, nice, prankster, immature & a bit of pervert.
Alignment: Good/Hero
Owner/Partisan: David (Vol. 2)
Color of the Jewel: Periwinkle
Element: Water [link]

[On the second row-left]
Leafy the Tree Squirrel
Age: 6
Ht: 1'1"
Species Base On: Brown Squirrel
Gender: Female
Personalities: Friendly, curious, adventurous & nutty (
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