Gryphon Sketches Picture

I never post enough OC artwork hahaha. I guess I just never want to do any completed pictures because all of my OCs are still under development and I'm completely revamping all of them... I'm constantly drawing them though. I need to stop it with that thinking.

I really liked these sketches, so I thought I'd put 'em here.

Gryphus (name pending) is a project I've been working on since the beginning of my sophomore year of high school. After going to Summer Arts, I decided to change it's entire dynamic, flipping it upside down to appeal to a wider audience.

It originally revolved around three young adult griffins that had just graduated from flight academy, and it had a story arc similar to Avatar: The Last Air Bender in that they had a main antagonist to defeat by the end of their journey. I learned that pitching such a story would never work out due to a number of reasons that I'm not going to discuss here.

It now revolves around two griffin fledglings, Phi and Mike (Mike's name pending), who are siblings. Rather than the two characters going up against an evil villain already graduated from flight academy, their adventures are pushed by their struggles through flight academy, whether it be preventing a dragon THEY provoked from attacking their city, dealing with conflicts with other mythical creatures, or simply struggling to become the best in the class when neither of them are great flyers.

Phi is a headstrong girl with a big mouth, and the eldest of the duo. Her arrogance is usually her downfall, and she dreams to be at the top of her league one day. This is, unfortunately, very unlikely to happen as her wings are much smaller than the average gryphon, limiting her abilities as much as she tries. Mike is more introvert, and he doesn't really know if becoming a flight guard for their city is what he truly wants (much like my own brother, and I'm helping him through that).

Their relationship as well as their adventures is based on my own relationship with my brother and what we've gone through in childhood. We're super tight and we have a lot of fun, so I wanted to incorporate that into one of my projects to make it especially... special to me. c:

The little centaur girl is a work in progress, but her people aren't just half-man half-horse. I thought it would be more interesting to have them have the lower body of other animals as well, and a tiger centaur sounded super neat (and CUTE) to me.

There are several tribes of mythical creatures in their world that have the intelligence of a human being, gryphons and centaurs being two of them. There are little to no humanoid creatures that will be shown, centaurs and woodland nymphs being an exception.

I'm still working on their head gear, but I wanted their peoples armor to be reminiscent of Greek soldiers, since Gryphons are most associated with Greek mythology. I'll more than likely continue working with the one in the bottom left-hand corner.

AND... I'm still working on their designs, it looks a little too FiM at this point in time, but I'm still learning. Hoping to push their shapes as well as their silhouettes a bit more to pertain to their personalities and make them more distinguishable.


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