Mythological alphabet Picture

It was an assignment of school to make an art project with letters and numbers.
So I used mythical creatures in the shape of letters as a start.
That wasn’t what my teacher wanted because he wanted abstract art where
you can’t see the letters.
That just made me sick! If there’s one thing I hate most about art it’s abstract.
I’m not a 2 year old anymore, sir.
But he liked it so much that he let me use it anyway

A: Ibex
B: Catoblepas
C: Limia
D: Basilisk or Cockatrice
E: Hydra
F: Unicorn
G: Dragon
H: Celestial stag
I: Lamb tree
J: Sea serpent
K: Lion (royal)
L: Celestial cat (tiger)
M: Sea horse or Hippocampus
N: Manticore
O: Kraken
P: some kind of wolf/bird creature (emblem of the Enfield family)
Q: Amphisbaend
R: Harpy
S: Wyvern
T: Amphiptere
U: Worm/Wurm
V: Sea Wyvern
W: Phoenix
X: Griffin
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