character comission for Draghanell Picture

So its finally done!
Sorry for the long wait!

I couldn't think of a name for him sorry!

I added some character profiling but you don’t need to use it , also you can change some of the colours if you like after all its a character you’re paying for.
You may need to click download to see the next fully however.

My idea about appearing as an injured animal comes from a few mythologies of creatures that would appear friendly but then snatch children away, I’m not sure how you feel about purple so feel free to change it to red or green or blue if you prefer I just got carried away XD

If you don’t like him let me know!

On another note to everyone else: I won’t be doing this again unless on a money commission, since, damn character designing is hard!

completely binged on this song while drawing him: [link]

I love hocus pocus -great child hood halloween film! XD
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