Forever and a Day Picture

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This is my entry for the contest held by `Dianae 'Gods, Goddesses and Mythology'. The deadline is of course today :3 [link]
The story to this picture is below, ready to be read. But don't expect too much from it - I'm not a good writer

The Story

In the days of old every living creature and things not made by human beings had their own spirits. On of them was a Spirit of the Mist. He wasn’t very popular and no one have ever shared a thought about him. It was just like he had never existed. However the Spirit of the Mist never regretted this situation himself since shyness and modesty were his features.

One day while his visit in an old Forest of Gods he met a beautiful girl. Because he didn’t look like human, but a shiny silver mist floating around like smoke, he could approach that intriguing creature being unnoticeable. The Spirit sat next to the little lady and looked closer remembering every single detail of her.

Meanwhile the beautiful girl felt that she’s being watched. And knew that the mist had something to do with it. You have to know that she wasn’t a human being either. She was a Spirit – the Spirit of the Fern. After a short investigation she spoke aloud to the mist to make sure her suspicions were right and to check why somebody is so interested in her. That’s when everything started. Conversations continued day after day for a long, long time giving them both a lot of pleasure. Gradually, they felt like best friends with their own secrets and signs understood only by them.

Time has passed leaving both of the friends with a sweet little feeling growing inside their hearts. They’ve cared for each other and were so close, so close you can’t even imagine. That was the reason why the Spirit of the Mist felt a bit sad. He wanted to make his best friend the most happy person in the world – he wanted to give her ever cold hands a bit of warmth from his own but he couldn’t. He was only a silver mist...

Nevertheless, he decided to ask his mother, the Goddess of the Weather, for help. She, as one of the wisest, knew the answer and the way she could help her loving son. She prepared a mysterious potion of rain drops from over the Magic Lake. The Spirit of the Mist just had to drink them. But there was one condition – after changing again to a mist he would no longer have his silver glow which distinguished him; it would become the feature of the one he decided to change for. The Spirit of the Mist didn’t hesitate.

It was a great surprise! He’d never know her hands were that cold and she’d never know that he cared that much. Then few tear drops fell from her face on the undergrowth making the very first and the most meaningful dew. Since that day the Spirit of the Fern had the inner glow, her beauty spread everywhere. We also can see her glow. But only once a year.

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