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In Kralesean mythology (which I myself created), just after the Dividing Wall was torn down and peace at last was beginning to be restored to the land of Kraleseus, a new king began his reign upon the land just after the old one had perished from the age-old war. (Though he ruled all of the continent of Kraleseus, his power later became somewhat restricted to the Upper lands considering the beasts below still had minds and wills of their own.) This king became the most famous in all of history and the one that brought up the most controversy since he was the very first ruler to not be human. He was, instead, one of the most noble of creatures to walk the earth -- a gryphon. His name was Avengard and he helped to restore the lands and ensure safety and security and soon grew to be the most beloved kings of all time.

Sadly though, a century into his ruling, the seductive temptress and goddess of lost souls, Harsin, took Avengard as her own and poisoned his mind and body, changing his once glorious white fur black. The regal gold however remained since it was a sign of royalty. She took the essence of good away from him and turned his mind and body dark. When he was transformed, he left his old name behind him and became Morgrimm. Harsin first used Morgrimm in her sinister schemes and controlled him for a time. What she hadn't counted on however was his own power -- both his physical/magical powers and will. He soon surpasses Harsin and overthrows her, becoming his own master. In addition, he takes her head as his trophy. Morgrimm then takes her place as god of lost souls.

While all this is happening, back on Kraleseus, the world is falling apart without their king. War is raging and the people are in desperate need of their once trustworthy, reliable, and beloved king. Any attempts to find and confront him though have ended quite badly. It seems the gods themselves are laughing at the paralyzed humans with nothing left to hold onto. The world has, yet again, fallen under dark times.

About: The term "gryphon" is given to the males of the species or a general term to refer to a group, while "griffin" is used when talking about a female. Gryphons also are considered very noble and respectable beings since they are a combination of two of the most regal and free of creatures -- a lion and an eagle. It is usually considered good luck for someone to even catch a glimpse of one of the usually fairly rare creatures of Kraleseus. Gryphons are also known for their stubbornness, wisdom and intelligence, grace, confidence, and overall magic abilities and properties. It was said about the gryphon Avengard that a single one of his feathers had enough magic in it to cure even the most incurable disease. This goes both ways however, and when his body was poisoned and he became Morgrimm, a feather of his could kill any living being just from a single touch. Most gryphons are never seen to have mangled fur or unhealthy feathers, nor any scars since they are known to be very healthy and very powerful beings, and thus no creatures ever attempt to harm them.

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