Educational Art Tutorial: The Lioness Picture

Hope I taught you something!

Requests for tutorials are always welcome! I use them as an excuse to practice myself, and use the results to help others!
Only natural species, please (or very popular mythology creatures). I won't do "original" critters as requests, because that won't help everyone!

Also, as you probably noticed, I am a GLOB of educational information. I have studied animals my whole life, and I enjoy sharing information about them more than is healthy. Because my brain is overloaded with it, and I keep cramming more in there. So I have to share. Have to.

About the work itself, I started working on this ages ago, but only actually completed the first four at the top, and did the rest today after work.

I do things like this often, but I don't usually post them... this one turned out a lot better, though, and I had so many of the same animal, it was just meant to be.

The Big Cat Tutorial
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