Mercury - Concept Picture

Conceptual sketches for Mercury, the Messenger. He will be the first of a series of mythological (Roman), planetary dragons :>. The designs will be worked out neatly and flat colored so that they can be auctioned off individually. They will each have a made-up backstory for which I'll only use the Roman Mythology as a base, so it is important to note that the backstories do not represent the actual myths.


King Jupiter was requested to create a Messenger for the Gods, to enable them to communicate swiftly with each other as well as the mortal inhabitants of their world. He then sculpted a creature from the clouds but found that wings were too slow and vulnerable, so he gave the creature a small portion his power, enabling it to use the winds of his Father to carry his messages. Uranus, fellow ruler of the Sky felt insulted that Jupiter created a creature that defied his element and so, he gave Mercury a pair of wings attached to his ankles to make fun of Jupiter. The King however decided that he quite liked the look of it, added the feathery tail and dubbed the creature Mercury.


Mercury, the Messenger, is the swiftest of the Gods as well as the smallest and the youngest. He understands both the spoken and unspoken word, but is incapable of speech himself. Mercury is adored by all the Gods, particularly King Jupiter, Lord of the Sky, who created him. Only Mars the Warlord sometimes lacks the patience to cope with Mercury's youthful, energetic and admittedly quite mischievous spirit.


Mercury always carries three items: A small bottle of ink, a large quill and a tubular case to carry scrolls and pieces of parchment. On top of the case is a strap that can hold the quill, but Mercury is quite fond of the feather and likes carrying it around in his mouth or paws, or just playing with it instead.

I hope you like him so far :>!

Artwork & concept by Ilse "Lhune" Gort, 2012
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