Murdoc the Hippocamp Picture

Murdoc was born in the dark waters of a kelp forest. His shifting bronze-green scales and stripes provide the perfect camouflage from predators and those curious explorers looking to prove the existence of mythological creatures!


From sculpting, to casting, to hand painting, Murdoc was made by my hand and is truly a one-of-a-kind sculpture with much love poured into his making. He's cast in resin and painted in pastel, acrylic and chameleon pigments. The chameleon pigment shifts from gold-green to bronze depending on the angle of light. I've added more examples of the special type of pigment above to give an idea of what it looks like under different lighting.

Other angles:…
More samples of the chameleon paint:…

Figurine Info:
*Scale/Size: 3" tall x 5.5" long
*Sculpted in Sculpey, cast in a sturdy urethane resin.
*Painted in the Spring of 2014. Chameleon pigments used.
*All sculpting, casting, and special (hand painted) releases are done in the US, by the artist.
*Edition: This is a one of a kind, hand painted cast. He does come with a signed COA. The number of Hippocamp which will be cast is currently undetermined.
*Customs and blank casts are also available. More info on the Hippocamp is located on my online shop:…

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