Moondragon Ava Picture


This little dragon was "born" when a little part of Alvrericjas' and a Waterdragon's Soul "merged".
He's called "Ava" (short form of "Avalon") because he got a place/"home" in a moonstone which is a part of an amulet called "Avalon amulet" ->…
For the main part he's a moondragon with little parts of a waterdragon.
One of his special abilities is to make himself invisible.
He's something like a protector of dreams, because he loves eating "Nightmare-creatures".

Nightmare-creatures are creating nightmares to fear people. The fear is a form of energy which those beings need to live.
(In German we call those creatures "Alben" [sing. Alb]. That's why nightmares in German are called "Albträume")

So back to Ava, he loves being around crystals, because moondragons get their energy from them (Also from Alben, because moondragons are able to transform the "dark" energy from the Alben into "light" energy after they "ate"/absorbed them.)

And what's about the sparkle in the drawing? Well, it's up to you what you let it be, not everything needs a deeper meaning
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