Gethin and Moths Picture

I was going to turn this into a Hetherev challenge (it's actually scrapped from something ELSE, so it's been scrapped twice..) but I changed my mind. XD I've grown attached to the moth concept I want to use and since I've already poured so much into the group I think I'll just keep this one for me. So I guess I'll finish it on my own time in tiny doses.
The moth is whispering in Gethin's ear. In mythology moths are thought to be departed souls, whose attraction to fire can symbolize a wayward soul seeking god. I'd like to use something similar in my personal story material and all of my mages who have special connections to the world may have things to say about small creatures and their impact on the supernatural. Moths aren't alone in their symbolism. There's a healthy chunk of the animal kingdom present (more than once or twice) in world mythology with great symbolism like this attached to it.

Not a new concept at all, XD but yeah, I think just this once I'll try something else for a challenge instead. It'll give me breathing room to broaden the concept horizon if I don't have anyone else fussing with it 'for me'.
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