Jasy Jatere Picture

The fourth child of tau and Kerana, from the guaraní mythology, Jasy Jateré. [link]

He is described as the only of the seven brothers to not have a horrible appeareance. He looks like a child with golden hair.
I wanted to give him this androgenous look and certain parallel to Froud's creatures. He is rather short so I changed the body proportions to emphasize that. Big head, big eyes, slim. I also liked better how he looked with short legs.
He has thumbed feet, for I imagined Jasy being agile in the jungle.

You must think that after giving birth to a buch of reptiles his mortal mother would be happy with him. Well, quite possibly, 'til she delivered the golden staff. Jasy's lifeless mineral tween.
In some version it says he was born with that thing, that's why it looks kinda organic.
The stuff is the source of his powers, and helps him hypnotice children who don't want top sleep their siesta and drive them to his meat eating younger brother Ao Ao.
Now, he is mischievous and cruel, more than any of his elder brothers as you can see.
If you take the staff from him he's left helpless and begins to cry. Like a leprechaun hi should reward you for getting it back.

I may have gone a bit to bright and colorful with this one...
And I did the plant-covering-junk act, I must keep this project a bit family friendly.
That will be hard as hell with the next monster...
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