Personal - Gatekeeper of Babylon Picture


It feels good to do some personal art practice lately. Been taking it easy off classes this week.

Anyway, more soft-cell/gradient shading practice. This time I wanted to work on the 'fur cells' you can see on the fuzzy belly of this guy. I like the look of that effect and wanted to try it - nailed it in one picture. *blows smoke off AK muzzle*

I really love Mushussu dragons. They really don't get enough love. (Mushussu = Sirrush.) If you don't know much about the Mushussu, they're one of the earliest depicted dragons, adorning the famous Gate of Babylon. They feature in Babylonian mythology, associated with Marduk, but are also found in the deuterocannical Biblical text 'Bel and the Dragon' and the apocryphal text 'The Book of Daniel.' Some theories suggest that the Mushussu was inspired by dinosaur fossils discovered in the area. (This theory is also true for gryphons via the protoceratops theory.) Other theories suggest that the Mushussu was a real creature that the Babylonians knew about, since it was depicted along real animals, and that it went extinct. *shrugs* Cool stuff.

Art (c) me
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