New Creature Discoverd: the Cashlemurgi Picture

In ancient mythology a chimera is known as a mighty creature which is a composition of three or more creatures whose individual characteristics combine to making unlimited possibilities of features. Usually these beasts were punished citizens of a Gods Empire forced to live the rest of their lives as a beast, or sometimes they were made to protect certain ancient weapons and relics.

Long ago the ancient Roshac gods Rolaf and Mjola were sitting around their throne room admiring their kingdom when a messenger came running in and informed the mighty gods that the princess Cashle and her husband were holding a baby shower for Cashle’s new baby Murgi. The mighty gods arrived at the gathering and present the ecstatic new born with no ordinary gift. A creature that would keep her safe while also representing her personality. The mighty gods gathers the creatures of the land and merged them into one because of their unique characteristics. The softness of the sheep. The Intelligence and eye sight of the cat. The beauty and gentleness of the giraffe. The grace and speed of a lemur. The creature was called the Cashlemurgi in the honor of the newborn and her mother. The Cashlemurgi was known as the protector of the infant gods and to this day is thought to protect all young from harm’s way.
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