Mythology 1 - Dicranousia Picture

Yes, I think that will be a series. I have lots of ideas, don't know about the quality of the photos that I will make >.<
And if I implement all my ideas then this particular photo won't fit on thematics because I imagined the creature myself.

Anyway, let me introduce this creature: it is called Dicranousia. It is very rare and can be seen only at night in the forest. This malicious creature resembles a human (so did many mythological creatures), but its origin is still unknown. It has very good eyesight, it can see even in the dark. I was very lucky to make this photo and very lucky to stay alive!
Model: me
Photo: me
Background: reckinyards [link] Permission granted Should I place here a mature content sign? I still don't understand all these organisational things....(
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