Hippalectryons Picture

EDIT: No, it's not a April fools prank. Hippalectryons are a real mythological creatures.

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Hippalectryons are greek mythological creatures, part horse, part chicken.
These creatures are a proud race, who only live on the ground, mastering tunnels and trains before the rest of the world had even conceived of them. They live in simple villages, under a oligarchy, they grow food and mushrooms for trade, they were the builders of the bridge Eternias crossing, years ago. They are easily offended, and highly ceremonial, fearing their leaders. Long ago, many races enslaved them, the boarean and ibexian empires ruling over their trade as commerce. Celestia has ruled the illegality of such things, but there is still a huge following who still enslave them. As such, they are very mistrusting of most races, but worship ponies as saviors.
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