The Wendigo Picture

There's not enough love for young Matt and Al and their native cultural aspects. There are some truly spectacular (and horrifying) beasts in Native American cultures that put a lot of European monsters to shame!

The Wendigo is a creature with a heart of ice. It's born when a person partakes in the act of cannibalism. There are several versions of the mythology. In some, it's a parasitic demon that possesses the cannibal, in others, their heart is simply frozen and killed from the act itself. In some versions, its bite can turn someone into another Wendigo. It is eternally hungry, hunting and killing anything in its path, consuming hearts to try to thaw it's own.

In real, disturbingly recent, cases, the creature is so horrifying that in cultures where it exists, Wendigo Psychosis is known to occur. People are so frightened of the Wendigo that if they commit an act of cannibalism, the guilt drives them insane, and they take on the role of a Wendigo. Even those who do not partake in cannibalism may be driven by other forms of guilt, and will begin to hunt humans and crave human flesh, believing that they are Wendigos.

The Wendigo is one of my favorite monsters, so naturally, I had to draw these poor babies being forced to confront one.
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