Thunderbird Picture

The Thunderbird, the seventh boss in The Legend of Zelda; The Adventure of Link. This is the Eleventh picture in the Zelda Boss Challenge Series.

Thunderbird is a giant winged creature which first appears red, then turns blue later in the fight. His weakness is his head, similar to previous bosses. In the game it has an appearance similar to that of a totom pole or statue, which makes sense since Thunderbird is based on the creature of the same name from Native American Mythology.

In Native American Mythology the Thundrbird is a giant bird that shoots lightning from its eyes and causes storms by flapping its huge wings. It is a sacred symbol of strength.

In my version I steered away from the game's design and made it an actual bird rather than a statue. It is based on the golden eagle in structure and wingspan. It's mane is that of a native american head dress, similar to how it looks in the game.
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