Mythical Creature Tuesday: The Kapa Picture

It's time for the next card in my series of mythical creatures and today it's the Kappa. As usual, the following is my personal take on the mythology of the creature based on my research.

''Description: Kappa are noted as water demons from Japan. That said, with their bone structure, neck structure and long arms there is evidence that they are, in fact, more related to trolls. The kappa has an intention on its head that fills with water when they leave an aquatic environment and if the water spills they loose their equilibrium and dehydrate quickly.

Very malicious beings Kappa are known man-eaters who, though only being about the size of a small child, are more than capable of ripping an adult to shreds."

On the technical side I did something a bit different this time again, working in grayscale and then putting color layers on top. It worked pretty well I think and I'm getting better at painting and applying texture.

As always, comment and critique are appreciated.
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