Sketchbook Crap Spring09 Picture

All done straight on paper with Ballpoint Pen. Pentel RSVP is awesome.


Oh my god I just realized I'm posting stuff LOLYAYWTF.
I also Photoshopped nipples out, hoping DA won't hassle me about it later.

Some Commentary from Top to Bottom (If anyone bothers reading):
- I want that wolf thing as a pet.
- The cat in the top corner like... has no neck, I just realized.
- Centaurish woman reminds me of barbie. A really really messed up barbie.
- The deer with the flat face... I don't know wtf I was thinking... Also, I have no idea how saddles are supposed to look.
- Winged angel thing is a creature from Ragnarok Online.
- Skull puppy is cute X3
- So is the wingless spotted griffon thing with multiple tails
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