Skade Picture

This is Skade, form the norse mythology.
I don't know if I have mentioned this before, But I find norse mythology interesting. Maybe it's one of the few things that has passed on to me from my father. He is also interested in norse mythology, and it's so typical him telling stories about fairies living in that and that place. (or sea monster, or whatever it might be). Also I think norse mythology and mythology creatures and such is stronger and more well know among the icelendian people, I guess?. (yes, I'm original from iceland, but live in norway for the time being.)

Anyway, in norse mythology there are things called "jotun" which is probably translated to be trolls/giant, the Jotuns was created before the "Aaser". And then its the Aaser (åser), which is Thor, Odin and the rest (many call them just gods?). And then its also a thing called "Vaner/vanir" which is froya, Njord and Froy, which is somehow connected to the light elves, (So you can somehow call them gods to the elves, I guess).

Anyway, Skade is a beautiful woman, that is a Jotun. She lives in Jotumheimen. She was once married to the Vanir Njord. But things didn't turn out well. Since Njord wanted to live by the sea. while Skade wanted to live in the mountains.

(Oh and I find it kinda funny that "Skade" means Damage/ Hurt someone in norwegian
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