Unicorn Picture

corniger equus bellator
The origin of the unicorn race is simple. Draconic creatures mated with common wild horses to form a mix of Draconic and Horse genes. Even thou an unnatural hybrid, they became fertile and was fully capable of reproduce with themselves, creating an entire new strain of Draconic creatures, the Unicorns. The size of the unicorn varies, from the smallest ones about the size of a horse, to the bigger ones who can be up to two times as big as a regular horse. There are a lot of mythologies linked to the unicorn, its horn being used for medications. Rest assured a Unicorn is stronger than a normal horse and possesses a far greater threat being of Draconic origin. Horns are usually acquired after a Unicorns natural death. The Unicorn has also inherited the natural wizdom of the Draconic speshies, and is fully capble of thinking abstract at an advanced level.

Size: Small fraction of A4 copy paper
Time spent: About 3 hours
Drawn for a friend of mine. She wanted a unicorn... I overdid the consept... simple as that.
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