Qilin Sketch Picture

A Chinese (called Kirin in Japanese mythology) mythical creature of life and death. In China it is 3rd most worshipped animal before the dragon and phoenix, however in Japanese floklore the Qilin is the highest. You could say its the Unicorn of the east since its said to have one horn protruding from its head, but of a deer or antilope and its body is more of a ox, deer or giraffe build insted of horse. The qilin is said to tred so carefully that it is able to walk on water and when it walks on grass it doesnt tred on the grass stalks. This is my idea of how a Qilin looks, apparently they can have wings and possess a more dragon face but i chose to have it more like a deer/antilope. The tail is optional from a tassle (giraffe, lion, ox etc) or a horse's, and its body can be scaled like a dragon or fish which i replaced with cat fish whiskers.

I think its a unusual fantasy creature and i plan on doing a colour picture, this is just my sketch to get its appearence on paper. any suggestions on adding and taking? im not too confident on the front hooves but i like the back ones.

Yes, the Spirit of the Forest from Hiyo Miazaki's film "Princess Mononoke" is a Qilin, not my inspiration tho so no saying it looks like it please....it definatly doesnt look anything like it
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