30 Monster Girls - 01 - Harpy Picture

Decided to do another 30 (inset topic here) challenge, this time it's the monster girl challenge, and rather than do one a day I'm taking my time with this one so they'll pop up a bit sporadically.


First up it's the Harpy. I have named this particular one Acacia [Ah-kay-cee-ah] (meaning thorn or sharp point in Greek) suits her I think. I originally designed her for a project back in college, I've tweaked her design a bit, I'm oddly fond of her new massive taloned feet.

Harpies are creatures of Greek mythology, famous for carrying off anything that strikes their fancy; in fact the name Harpy means "to snatch". They will carry off anything, food, random objects, live stock, children, adults.

In mythology the first Harpies were the children of Electra who bedded her father. On that same note there are no accounts of any male Harpies, and despite their beauty, men would be well advised to stay away from them. After all men can fulfill the function the Harpies are after while dead or dieing. (example, the creation of mandrakes)

Harpies are also known for their unimaginable cruelty, taking great joy at causing suffering; however they always seem to be depicted as a form of punishment for misdeeds to their victims, even later on in Dante's Inferno they depicted occupying the seventh ring of hell (the tortured wood) where those who commit suicide are sent to suffer.


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