Cockatrice - creature concept Picture

Bleh rushed drawing is rushed. >.< Anyhoo!! This is my take on the mythological creature known as the Cockatrice (pronounced either cok-a-tris or cok-a-trice, I prefer the latter) They are cousins to the much larger Basilisks, though are more widespread. They tend to live wherever it is warm and in dry soil, and in Britain are about the length of our native adders - 1 - 1.5 meters long.
In case you can't read my atrocious handwriting, there's what the notes say;
Usually found in warm regions. In Britain only found on the English south coast. Much small than Basilisks and dislike water.
- Bright orange feathers of a cockerel.
- Unlike Basilisks their gaze cannot petrify, but it can paralyze for short periods of time.
- Colouring varies, tends to be garish.
- Acidic venom
- Scales are resistant to corrosion by venom, but if ingested it is just as lethal to the cockatrice as well as the intended victim.

They only make a short appearance in my novel, but in designing a wider world I though some background info would be good.
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