Tanngrisnir Picture

Concept creature for the Aerie project. The idea was to design a large burly mountain goat. The Rams of which could adequately defend themselves and their harems of females from draconic predators.

The females are fairly similar to the males, except for diminutive differences in the size of their horns and a lack of shaggy mane. The goats are named after the animals that pulled Thor's chariot in Norse mythology.
Tanngrisnir meaning "teeth-barer" or "snarler".
The name owes to the animals habit of baring their teeth at threats, their sharp tusks, and their adequacy as beasts of burden. These sure-footed herd animals can pull a cart as well as any ox, and with markedly improved agility.

More info and more drawings here: [link]

I'll eventually have a painted concept page with orthographics up of this guy and a female.
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