poison pinky Picture

its been awhile since i've uploaded any creatures soooo here we go!
veneficus ma'nus are medium sized arboreal nectivores. their specialized pinky is actually a very dexterous muscle that can not only aid in climbing but also can releases a venomous paste, Which acts as a defense mechanism. one of her legs, torn off from a predator, is being infested by tailed-norn adults.

Norns-Are a small family of biologically immortal creatures. Only 4 known species exist. If it is not killed or plagued by disease it has a regenerative ability brought about through parasitism.
Relatively harmless and unseen norns live their lives feeding on plant life and debris found in the treetops. It is during its final moments in life that it becomes an aggressive parasite. Norns are parasitically specific, actively perusing their specific host species. Mouthparts that are useless in breaking skin of their host, a norn must find an open wound on their host to eject their spinal rod. The spinal rod is the organ that houses all stem cells, which will grow its new “body”. Once a norn enters its host all others are incapable of entering the infected host. The rod releases a noxious enzyme in the creature’s blood stream to kill off any other spinal rod that may enter. There it will live, feeding on its host, yet doing little to no harm to it. During the 8months of regeneration the rod will re-grow a larval state “body.” at this stage she will burrow out of her host, with a specialized tooth, and continue out her life cycle. This biological immortality is circumstantial to her being able to find a host to embody, if not she will die.
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