Supergirl vs. Decay - Commis Picture

Another commission of Supergirl in trouble. This one also comes from her series from 1982. Issue #3 when Supergirl fought a manifestation of Decay, in the comic, this scene is only a small panel of a close up of Decay's hand grabbing Supergirl's head and from the dialogues it's evident that Supergirl passes out.

For those who wonder, Decay was suppose to be a magic or mythological creature, which is why Supergirl was very vulnerable to his power. This 'origin' was never mentioned but it was settle when George perez re-write of Wonder Woman added a strong Greek mythological backgroud and the 'true' Decay was created based on that: magic.

I used that green since people normally don't make the relation to magic but they do relate that tone of green to kriptonite, so that adds to the 'trouble' idea.
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