Mythological Creature Heads Picture

This drawing feautres the heads and faces of various mythological animals.
Griffin: An animal with the head and fore legs of an eagle and the body, hind legs and tail of a lion.
Unicorn: A horse like animal that is all white, has the beard of a goat, the tail of a lion, the cloven hooves of a stag, and a long horn portruding from it's forehead.
Cockatrice: An animal that is part chicken, part dragon.
Quilin: The chinese unicorn.
Dragon: A large, reptilian animal that is winged, breathes fire, and is thought of as a monster in the west, and a benevolent animal in the east.
Hippocampus: A sea horse. The equine equivilant to a mermaid.
I was going to make the dragon green, but I felt what with the quilin and the hippocampus, there was enough shades of green in there already.
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