Kirin Character Designs Picture

Paint Tool SAI

I was hanging in Paint Chat with a couple friends and felt that I need more animal characters to draw just for fun... and I've always wanted a kirin character, so this is my interpretation of that mythological creature.
I tried something different in that I spent some time working on an alternative designs to get some practice in.. and also because I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted her to look like. There were multiple tails I sketched out, but I settled on this guppy-like tail in the end.
It was a lot of fun to play with two separate color palettes on the same set of lineart, but now I don't know which design I like the most!!

Depending on how many people would be interested, I may or may not make adoptables similar to these in the future, but these two designs are not for sale/auction at the moment.

Character/Creature Designs, Artwork © Karina Weber / *Riftmaw
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